Win in Online Blackjack Tournaments

Playing Blackjack is always fun, but if you want to take the fun to the next level, try playing the Online Blackjack Tournament also known as Online Multi-Player Blackjack Tournament.

How to Win Online Blackjack

Basically, Blackjack is a comparing card game consisting of players and a dealer wherein each player is competing only with the dealer. The players can beat the dealer in three (3) different ways. First, achieve 21 points on your first two cards which are called a blackjack or natural without the dealer blackjack. Second, make your score higher than the dealer's that is not exceeding 21 at the end of the game. Third, just let the dealer draw more cards until it exceeds 21. Players are dealing with two cards same as on the dealer, facing up or down depending on where the player sits. The value of card containing number 2 through 10 is their pip value while the face cards such as Queen, King, and Jack are all worth ten. Drawing of additional cards is allowed for the players to improve their hands. The term "soft" is used to describe a hand containing an ace valued as 11 which means that the hand is not going to bust even after taking more card. The value of ace will be the one preventing the hand to surpass 21. Else, the hand will be "hard".

Blackjack Tournament Rules

Unlike the typical Blackjack, the Online Blackjack Tournaments are more than just beating the dealer but also beating the other players to become the champion. The goal is quite different from the regular offline or online blackjack. The tournament has variations of game mechanics. It may also differ whether you are playing European or American blackjack. The simplest among those mechanics is the one in which all the players are given chips, to begin with. The game has time limit. The player with the highest amount of remaining chips at the end of the game is the champion. Another version has elimination wherein the player must make a bet on each round and the one with the least number of chips for every end of that round will be eliminated. Same goes on the next rounds until there's only one remaining player.

In Online Blackjack Tournament, virtual money is used, and the same amount of virtual money is distributed to all the players. In a regular blackjack game, when you start with a hundred chips (100) and ended with a hundred and ten chips (110), the 10 chips is your profit which is a 10% equivalent return on your investment. While on Online Blackjack Tournaments, the hundred and ten chips you have might be a great win or not depends on the other players' number of chips. You might have won over the player with 105 chips but have lost to the player with 120 chips. These things make everything in the game relative.

Some tournaments require more players compare to the other tournaments, some have higher registration fees, therefore, higher prizes, and some have multiple number of rounds. While others with fewer players have smaller prizes, lower registration fees with only one round.

The tournament is not a complete game of chance as strategies are can be applied. The possible strategies can have two (2) components: beating the dealer to win the hand, and beating the players to win the game. Beating the dealer primarily comes in three ways as stated before that uses the game basic techniques. Meanwhile, beating the players can be done through betting strategy. If you are leading in the game, it will be wise to avoid risky bet, just play conservatively. Contrariwise, if you are getting behind the game, you can play wild and make a higher bet.

Playing any casino games, whether online or offline, always entails the players a time for not only winning but also losing. That is why it is called a game of chance, nothing is really sure, and results are not completely predictable. But playing an online blackjack tournament entails no risk to its players as the game is only using virtual money. Meaning, when the player lost the game, all he just lost is only the registration fee for the tournament which is not a big loss at all. But if you prefer games that require a certain level of skill and strategy, then you should sign-up for an online poker tournament. You can read all about free poker games at

But what if you won? Well, the prize is you'll win real money that can be more than a hundred percent return on your registration fee. Prize pool for such online casino tournaments is really huge. And of course, the sense of achievement in defeating all the other players. Little to risk and more than a hundred percent on investment to gain, mixed with lots of thrills and excitements, definitely Online Blackjack Tournament is one of the best casino games online.